Congratulations, you have found the home of the UKs, 5 star, award winning,

No 1 Doggy Day Care Centre, awarded 2018!

You will see there is plenty of choice for your dog's daily care, but we truly believe we are unique and the best.
Here's a few more reasons why?

As well as winning the top prize in 2018 we were also voted in the top Doggy Day Care Centres for the previous 3 consecutive years, by the Pet Industry Federation! Finalists for the Dog Friendly Awards 2018.

We were the first and the leaders. This is important as we are constantly striving to improve and looking to be the best. That means you can always be sure your dog is receiving the highest level of care, the best possible products and the industry leading service.

five dogs sat on the enrichment station in the paddock


We are in our 14th year of caring for other peoples beloved dogs. Its very different to caring for your own pet as everyone has a different idea of whats important to them. We have a great reputation of tending to their individual needs. Just see for yourself on our testimonials page .


Claires Comfy Canines could not carry out the level of service we offer without stability in our very experienced team. Our team has been together a while, which means that they always get to know the dogs and their owners individual needs. Your dog wont be unsettled due to meeting new people every other month. Just take a look at our Team for more information.

Experience and qualifications

I personally have 13 years hands on experience of industry experience. As a company we are committed to our teams personal development. All our team are pet first aid trained. You can find out more about us here

Very fussy and strict induction process

We have always maintained that to run a successful business with dogs, you must focus on the correct mix of dogs and not on "filling spaces", to that end we have never compromised on our induction process, have never been in a hurry to fill our spaces and will never be under pressure to do so.

Minimum attendance levels

We do not take ad-hoc dogs, all dogs must attend for a minimum of 1 day per week, for a very good reason. Our dogs have a strict routine, it encourages them to settle and know their boundaries and ultimately have fun in a place they feel safe. When you add a dog into the mix, who is not known to the group, they become un-settled, this can cause issues which result in un-acceptable behaviour, within a large group of dogs. A large group of unsettled dogs can become bullish and dangerous. Not the kind of environment we want here.

dogs relaxing indoors at Claire's Comfy Canines

Routine, boundaries and manners

Your dog will quickly learn what is expected of them during their day with us. There is a time for play and fun but there is also a time for quiet, calm and napping. A dog that knows his boundaries is content, balanced and happy.

We have expectations of them, in terms of learning manners, no jumping, no barking, no pushing, no toy possession. These are all standard at Claire's Comfy Canines, we want to help you develop a well mannered, happy and balanced dog.

Equipment & facilities

Not only do we have a totally secure 2.5 acre site, with cosy napping areas, we also have a fully fenced, 1-2-1 training area. In this area we are able to spend quality time with your dog and teach them anything from recall, basic obedience, heel work and introduce your dog to agility. This is all included in the day care price.

App and online account

For your convinience we have a fantastic app. Once you have registered with us, you can view and request bookings online. You can also update your dogs details and vaccinations, all in one place. For more information please click here

Council approval and fully insured

As of 1st October 2018 all doggy day care services and boarding establishments, be it in a home or purpose built facility, will be required to apply for a licence

from their local authority. This must be clearly displayed on the premises.

We have been issued a 3 year, 5 star licence.

We also have the highest level of insurance available, including non-negligent cover. We never scrimp on the important things.

Our licence number is LC202203-74310

Vet endorsed

As well as our licence inspection, we have an independent, annual inspection from Temple End Vets. This inspection is to ensure we maintain our high standards of care. This is something we have chosen to have in addition to our council inspection. We hope it helps to re-assure our customers, how seriously we take our jobs.

dogs playing outdoors at Claire's Comfy Canines

We take full responsibility for your dog

Whilst your dog is in our care, you can be sure we take total responsibility for your them. Whilst you are at work or out for the day, you can rest assured we take every measure to ensure your dog is safe, we have strict security policies and never compromise the safety of your dog.

This is not always the case, so be sure to check the small print when looking at other facilities.

So you can see there are lots of things to consider when choosing the best care for your dog and it's a big responsibility to get right, so here are a few things to ask when looking around other facilities. Of course we will answer these and any other questions you have, when we show you around.

What is the dog to handler ratio?

How experienced are the staff?

What security measures do they take to ensure the safety of your dog? How do they prevent theft?

Is there secure, direct access from the buildings/reception/drop off area, in to the play areas/paddocks?

What level of insurance do they have, do they have non-negligent cover?

What steps do they take to ensure your dog doesn't escape? How do they secure the windows, doors, how high are the internal gates.

Is the facility easily cleanable, to prevent the spread of infection and do they use dog-safe cleaning products?

Are they licenced and what star rating have they been issued, are they insured and vet inspected? As of 1st October 2018 it is mandatory for doggy day care services to apply for a licence from their local authority

What is their approach to young and elderly dogs?

dogs playing outside at Claire's Comfy Canines
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