Meet the team

Hi, we are The Award Winning Team who make Claire's Comfy Canine's possible. 

As people who are passionate about dogs, we know how important it is to make sure your dog get’s the care, attention and love it deserves when you aren’t around to provide it.

I set up Claire’s Comfy Canines for one reason – I love dogs (well all animals really) and I believe I can provide the high standard of care your dog needs when you aren’t around, but also with a professional service so you can rely on us when you need to.
I have owned and cared for dogs, horses, pigs, cats, chickens and various other animals my whole life so you can be sure your dog is being left with someone who understands them and will provide them with the best care and plenty of love.

Here is an opportunity to find out a bit about the people who make this all possible.  But if you would like to know more then please just ask.

Hi, I am Claire
Owner and Managing Director
I live with my husband Tom, toddler Archie and Nelly our Mini Bull Terrier.
Although I have had many dogs and horses my whole life, my passion for dogs started when my husband and I decided to get our first dog together.

We picked up Belle, our first English Bull Terrier when she was 12 weeks old and we were both smitten immediately. 

It was when we decided we needed a dog walker once a week that I realised I couldn't trust anyone with my dog and also didn't want to leave her when I was at work.

Looking back over 9 years ago it seems mad that I decided to leave a fantastic career in recruitment to walk dogs for a living.  But a decision I will never regret.

Soon after I started dog walking, I knew I wanted to offer dog owners, like me, something better for their dogs but it took a while to put the plan in place and eventually "Doggy Day Care" was born.  A safe and secure place where dogs are supervised all day and their owners can go to work in the knowledge their beloved dogs will be here, happy and content when they pick them up.

My specific interests lie within dog nutrition and I am constantly speaking with manufacturers, nutritionists and suppliers to broaden my horizons and knowledge.  So if you have any questions or concerns relating to your dogs diet please don't hesitate to ask.
I sit on the Board of Directors for the Pet Industry Federation and have been priviledge to offer guidance to DEFRA on the new animal activities licensing which came into force in 2018.

Hi I’m Laura!
General Manager

Previously I was working as a Health club Manager and Personal Trainer for the Hilton hotel, however when an opportunity arrived with Claire I jumped at the chance.  I have always loved dogs and enjoyed training my own dog in agility and field dog trials.

Working a lot with trainers to help raise my first beautiful but very naughty Labrador Puppy called Poppy. I  learnt that the best way to help raise and keep a well mannered dog was to give them plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, be very patient with them and to both have lots of fun!  All of which happens every day at Claires Comfy Canines and I absolutely love being a part of it.

My role as General Manager covers many things, including planning and running play time, providing important feedback to owners, managing bookings and the on-going job of making sure our facility is kept clean and smelling lovely.

Hi I’m Gemma
Senior Doggy Day Care Assistant

After completing Uniformed Public Service at college I set up my own business childminding for 3 years covering the early years foundation stage required by OFSTED.
I knew my love for animals had to be part of my career so moved on to a Kennels and Cattery with hydrotherapy and grooming.
Since then I could not refuse an opportunity to join Claire's Comfy Canines and the lovely team in which my previous experiences both professionally and personally have been a great fit in the values here.
My love for animals started when I was very young, having everything from snails and stick insects to chipmunks and cats.
But my real passion for dogs started when we bought home our first puppy, Lola, a Japanese Shiba Inu.
Since then we have added two more to our family and have spent most of my spare time training, grooming and attending dog shows and have been lucky enough to qualifying for Crufts the last few years.
My role at CCCs is to manage the dogs daily routine, from nap time to play time, to ensure the dogs have all their needs covered.
I enjoy furthering my education about dogs and have completed 50 Points of the Dog, Stewarding and Conformation and Movement and I am currently studying a Level 3 accredited Canine Behaviour Diploma from British College of Canine Studies. I am also interested in dog law.

Hi I’m Megan
Doggy Day Care Assistant

While completing my level 3 extended diploma in animal management. I worked at a doggy daycare to gain experience in working with dogs. I loved it so much when the opportunity to work at Claire’s Comfy Canines came up I had to apply and I am so glad I did!
Animals have always been a huge part of my life, having owned a range of different pets (from snakes to dogs). My interest in dog behaviour and training has always been present. Teaching my childhood dogs many tricks.
I adore getting to know all of the dog’s unique personalities as well as making sure their day at Claire’s Comfy Canines is a fun as it can be.

My name is Caitlin
Doggy Day Care Assistant

In June 2017 I finished my second year of college at BCA doing an animal management course. During my time at college,  I had to find relevant work placement and was lucky enough to do it at Claires Comfy Canines! I fell in love with the place, and the dogs that attend there. I told the staff that they wouldn't see the last of me, and true to my word they haven't and I landed a full time job.

I'm really excited to get to know the dogs more, and love them just as much as I love my own!
Pawsome hugs and kisses, 


My name is Sarah
Doggy Day Care Assistant & PAWS

For as long as I can remember I have loved all animals, however dogs have always been my favourite.
My passion for animals led me to get a degree in Zoology and later on a Masters in Applied Wildlife Conservation which I finished in September 2018.  Within my course I was particularly interested in subjects related to animal behaviour and cognition.
Throughout my life I have had 7 dogs and at one point we had 6 at the same time, all different breeds! I currently have 3 wonderful dogs; River (Beagle cross), Milo (Jack Russell) and Daisy (Lab cross Spanish mastiff) who I all adore.
Having grown up with dogs my interest in their behaviour led me to volunteer at a Dog Rescue Centre which took in dogs from all over the U.K. with many different backgrounds. This allowed me to further widen my knowledge of dog behaviour. My dream job is to work with animals (working with dogs is the ultimate bonus) and I have achieved that dream by working at Claire’s Comfy Canines! I can now love many more dogs along with my own.
I just can’t picture my life without them!
I also am very lucky to have the role of Puppy Awareness Supervisor.

My name is Gemma
Junior Doggy Day Care Assistant

My passion has always been animals, by the age of 2 I could name most of the ‘known’ animals in a zoo.
But dogs I’ve always loved.
I’d always heard amazing things about Claire’s Comfy Canines and when I had the opportunity to do work experience as a part of my Level 3 Animal management course at BCA, I knew I had to get in touch with Claire and the team.
Luckily I was able to spend time doing my work experience with them and I absolutely loved every minute, gaining as much knowledge as I could, soaking up the lovely atmosphere. And when the chance to be a part of the Claire’s Comfy Canines family arose, I knew I just had to jump at the opportunity! Growing up I always knew I wanted to work with animals, especially dogs. I have 4 dogs at home myself; Scout, Hannah, Dutch and Hurricane - all 4 are pomskies.
Dog training and behaviour has recently become a major interest of mine, even teaching my dog Dutch 45 tricks, she’s just over a year old.
I’m so excited to learn the magic that is Claire’s Comfy canines and work with each and every personality of these gorgeous dogs.

My name is Matthew
Doggy Day Care Assistant

I studied Level 3 Animal Management at Berkshire College of Agriculture, where I worked part time on the Zoo and British wildlife departments; however, I quickly realised that this job wasn’t hands on enough for me so I ventured into the world of dogs.
I worked in a dog rescue for several years before moving into boarding and day care.
I started working at Claire’s Comfy Canines in August 2019 and I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.
I love meeting all of the clients and their owners, and especially love seeing them grow and play, and make friends.

At home I have two dogs of my own, a mixed bully breed called Mabel and a feisty miniature chihuahua called Dobby.

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