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Janice, Molly & Meg
Since 2016

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the fantastic care and service you provide when looking after my 2 cockers, Meg and Molly.  They really look forward to coming to you each week and I know they are in good hands when I drop them off. Your service is a lifesaver, as I don’t have to worry about them when I am at work and I know they have a great time and are well cared for.  I would thoroughly recommend Claire Comfy Canines and have done on many occasion to my local dog walker friends.  Thank you again


Katy & Clemmie
Since 2016

Clemmie was around 2 years old and was beginning to show signs of being anxious around other dogs, I really wanted to nip any problem behavours before they escalated and so I contacted Claire's to see if they thought that they could help. 
They did an introductory session, at which I feared Clemmie might disgrace herself... but no, the lovely staff team had the measure of Clemmie from day one and I suspect that they bring out the best in each dog.
Clemmie hasn't looked back, the staff are exceptional, the photos that they take are a joy to look at (I particularly like the ones of about 20 dogs all sleeping in the same cosy room) and demonstrate the care and attention that the dogs receive.  And, for me, best of all is that Clemmie is less anxious around other dogs.  It is a gem of a place for anyone who needs someone to look after their dog with fun, care and respect.  I am so glad I came across it.

Jacqy & Daisy Doodle
Since 2016

Great place - such lovely caring people. My dog can't wait to get through the door to play with all her friends.

Michele & Harpo (AKA "The Duke")
Since 2010

Comfy Canines is the only place of it's kind! A one off!! Claire and her team are the most caring and devoted team. My standard poodle is so well cared for and loved. Best of all he is so well socialized which is vital for a dog. Claire goes from strength to strength and has now created the ideal environment for our beloved pooches. Where would we all be without Claire's Comfy Canines!!


Linda & Barney
Since 2017

I can’t recommend Claire’s Comfy Canines enough . My puppy Barney absolutely loves it . As soon as I drive in his tail starts wagging , and he can’t wait to get in there !  All the staff are lovely , and you know that they take great care of your dog. I often put him in for an extra day if needed . He always comes home happy , and smelling lovely too ! 

Alison, Leigh and Mojo R & Louey (AKA "Rodders & little Louey")
Since 2012

"Dear Claire 
Thank you so much for taking on Mojo for "Doggy Day Care", I don't know what we would have done without your great facility.
We were at our wits end trying to find a suitable place to take him for a couple of days a week, none of the traditional style day boarding places seemed to offer anything suitable, just a kennel and a yard to run around in.
I love that fact that when he comes to you he has a real routine, restime and playtime, with agility, training and the odd doggy party thrown in too!..  Whenever I leave him I feel totally secure in the knowledge that he is going to be safe, happy and loved throughout the day. 
He always comes home absolutely exhausted from all the doggy antics.  It's fantastic socialisation for him and his "manners" both around other dogs when we are out walking, and at home have improved so much since he's been coming.
 The real testiment to you is the welcome he gives you guys when we bring him in the mornings.  He almost breaks in half with his squiggly-bum excitedness!  We love having a dog and we are so grateful to you and everyone at Claire's Comfy Canines for being there!  
Love Alison, Leigh and Mojo"


Lesley, Captain Digby & Lady Arabella
Since 2016

We do appreciate CCC's care and professionalism but also the great fun that all the staff have as this makes it fun for all the pups

Linda & Archie
Since 2012

"Claire's Comfy Canines has been fantastic for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Archie.
He goes most days and he is just as keen to go on Friday as he is on Monday. He loves being with the other dogs and loves Claire and her team too.
I know that he is safe and cared for and gets lots of attention. He has even recently started to try out Agility which is quite a surprise.
Archie was a little submissive when he started at Day Care but he is now much more confident which is great when meeting other dogs especially large ones.
I am so pleased with the service that I get and I cant recommend this highly enough.


Neil, Christina & Boris & Trudi
Since 2012

"Claire's Comfy Canines has been a godsend!
Our 2 dogs have been going regularly for over a year now and they always come back worn out, having had a great time!
All they want is supper then bed!
You can tell they love going as they get excited the minute you get their bags ready!
From the pictures Claire posts on Facebook we can see they have a great time.
Their day is structured; they play, they learn, they socialise; their time at Claire's Comfy Canines has been very beneficial.
I would, and have, recommended Claire's Comfy Canines to anyone who wants the best for their dog.


Aliso n, Codie & Belle
Since 2012

"Since March 2012 my dogs have been attending Doggie Day Care once a week. Having missed out on initial socialising, weekly trips to Claire's have help Codie & Belle's demeanours. It is great fun for the dogs and the activities that Claire provides mentally stimulates the dogs and they  comes home physically exhausted each week. There are few people that I trust to look after my dog and Claire and her team are a few of them."

Gemma & Minky
Since 2013

"Claire's Comfy Canines has changed the quality of my dogs and my own life for the better in a huge way. It sounds dramatic but 18 months ago, pre-daycare, we were the owner of a dog who loved people (and thought she was one) but disliked, or rather didn't know how to socialise properly with other dogs.  Minky was anxious, stressed, vocal, frustrated and snappy when she met an unfamiliar dog, which did not make for happy walks for her, or us! 2 years of this behaviour (and miserable on-lead walks) took it's toll, but thankfully I was recommended Claire's... For the last 20months Minky has spent 2 days a week in Claire and her teams' care. Originally concerned about how she would 'fit in' with a bunch of other dogs I was delighted to hear that after only a short time of supervised introductions, she was running free in the (huge) paddock at playtimes, settling down to sleep in comfy beds along with all the other fur babies, and had even made some doggy play mates! She was finally able to be a proper dog! Claire, Laura and the wonderful, professional team welcomed Minky and her issues with open arms, encouraging her to relax, find her confidence and her place in the pack. Come rain or shine Minky comes home from daycare exhausted, happy and balanced - all she wants to do is go to bed! As a result her behaviour too is so much better and much more manageable these days, and we are finally able to really enjoy our walks.

The team care so much for all the dogs they look after, getting to know their different quirks and personalities inside out, as well as helping their owners understand their dogs better. The flexible drop off and collection times are brilliant, and Claire's shop is stocked with many excellent, healthy brands of dog food and treats. The team are passionate about feeding your four legged friend right, and are keen to share their knowledge and recommendations for a healthy balanced diet for your dog - Minky is on a much healthier, better quality diet than before, and now really enjoys her food. Ladies, we really can't thank you enough! xxx"


Claire & Bertie
Since 2015

"Initially I was very nervous about getting a puppy when I was at work full time, but then I can across Claire's Comfy Canines - what a find!!
Bertie started at 11 weeks old and right from his second day he wanted to rush in and didn't look back! I can tell he loves every minute of being at puppy crèche and I can get on with my day at work feeling assured that he is in safe hands.
I just wanted to thank Claire, Laura and the team for making Bertie feel so welcome and treating him like their own.
I am positive that Claire's Comfy Canines team will assist Bertie to grow in confidence and manners so he can become a well socialised and happy dog.
Keep up the great work!
Bertie says thank you for having me! "


Leila, Rocco & Lucky Harley
Since 2014

"I have just passed my 2 year anniversary as a full time Mom at Claire’s Comfy Canines; still delighted with the service!
Every day, come rain or shine, the morning team are fresh and cheerful at drop off and the evening team are never short of an anecdote about my dogs at going home time. All the staff take an interest in the health and welfare of my dogs and speak up if they notice anything unusual. The daily diet of routine and fun play mixed with unlimited love and attention is an absolute winning formula. Just love looking at their Facebook posts every evening. Couldn’t recommend them more.
Happy dogs make happy Moms.
Thank you CCC"


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