Behaviour Assessor of Rookie K9s (BARK)

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At Claire's Comfy Canines, we want to ensure your dog's first experience with us is a positive one and set them up for success from the beginning. So let's introduce our BARK (Behaviour Assessor of Rookie K9's), Georgia .

The job of our BARK is to guide new dogs through their induction phase before they officially start with us. Doggy day care is a very new experience for most dogs and its our BARK’s job to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable introduction to Claire’s Comfy Canines, whether they are successful or not. Being an expert in behaviours, they will give you an honest and full run down of your dogs first experience at our doggy daycare and help to decide if they are ready to take the next step.

Its important to remember that Day Care is not a happy place for every dog and if we feel they are not going to have a fun and happy time with us then we will be honest and tell you. This is not always easy feedback to give or recieve, but please remember we only care about the dogs well being when making these decisions.

To arrange a visit, find out more or just to have a chat about doggy day care please contact us .

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